・・・・・ the vase which is growing up

Black with transparent luster and vermilion of the accent.
The molding that stands regularly.
The simple form that did not exist for some reason,
even if anyone looked back on history of design of the lacquerware.
A work of the diverseness is completed by putting a flower there.
Natural design by how to use to character a flower and a tree.
Molding-like design by how to use to create a flower and a tree technically.
Free design by how to use to make use of personality in.
Whenever somebody uses this vase,
it will be always that an epoch-making design is created.

The constitution of mountain range and the red moon floating in the dark heavens or sea or the lake・・・, it likened an ominous feeling of the natural environments collapse to appear and disappear in a quite beautiful moonlit night as "the red moon".

The furniture of this "red moon" is right the molding that quoted "INEI-RAISAN" of the Tanizaki style.

The beauty of lacquerware shown in dark environment is good for the global environment protection era and prays for the value being reconsidered.

Dieter Rams  

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