Conceptual Design : Hospitality of Japan
Japanユs food culture is a culture of feasting hospitality that has been passed down through the generations. It is a culture of dramatic production with cultural props, the carefully prepared seasonal delicacies and the rich assortment of dishes and wares in which they are served to family and friends. The ingredients of Japanese cuisine are not just food but also hospitality, arrangement and demeanor, all brought together for the enjoyment of an exquisite banquet in which each meeting is a unique encounter to be carefully treasured.
The Japanese term for hospitality is motenashi and refers to a harmony of spirit. Arrangement is expressed by the word shitsurai, which is the creation of an atmosphere befitting the particular season of the time. And demeanor is furumai, the grace and manner of cordial reception and hospitality.
Food is presented to simulate seasonal motifs and objects that reside in a middle area between the realms of nature and of humankind in expressive ways that are a culture of creativity and play unto themselves.
Particularly notable is the way in which the place of environment is expressed. Instead of a wall separating the outside and the inside, simple screens known as shikiri or byobu are used to define place and bring together the cultural elements of spirit (kokoro), skill (gi), and strength (tai), and to enhance the elements of truth (shin), goodness (zen), and beauty (bi) that are integral to the ways of tea, flower arrangement and the martial arts.
The Japanese culture of feasting is also a unique culture of hospitality extended through entertainment with an additional feast of sound and dance to be savored by the senses.
Japan's food culture is a culture for the enjoyment of not only delicious and beautifully prepared food and the dishes in which it is served, but also of music and dance; it is a culture that has been passed on over more than a thousand years.
My designs are the cultural props of hospitality, and essential elements of this Japanese food culture.
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Morimasa Sakata Design Director

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